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Gas Monitors/Detectors & SCBA's/Air Packs

Gas Detectors and Scba

Sales and service of single and multi-gas monitors and breathing air equipment. All inspections and service work is done per NFPA, STATE & OSHA regulations to insurance code.




Hydrostatic Testing

We are licensed by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection under License #HCR-298 to perform hydrostatic testing of all sizes of cylinders including breathing air bottles. This service is provided at our business location in Shiner, Tx.




Eye Wash/Safety Showers

eye wash & safety shower

Sales and service of Haws eye washes, safety showers, portable eye wash stations, eye/face washes, drench showers, combination eye wash/safety showers and enclosed emergency environments.




Personal Protective Equipment

We keep most P.P.E. in stock at our retail outlet in Shiner Texas.

Eye Protection

Safety Glasses, Goggles & Replacement Lenses, Cleaning Stations, Tissue, Face shields, Brackets, Hoods, Windows, Visitor Specs, and Protective Gear for Prescription Eyewear

Hearing Protection

Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs, and Disposable Ear Plugs

Head Protection

Hard Hats, Bump Caps, Welding Helmets, Suspensions, Winter Liners and Sweat Bands

Hand Protection

Acid Gloves, P.V.C. Gloves, Plastic Dot Gloves, Leather Palm Work Gloves, Heat Resistant Gloves, Knit Gloves, Driver’s Leather Gloves, Latex Gloves and Neoprene/Latex Gloves

Foot Protection

Rubber Boots and Shoes, PVC/Nitrile Boots, Buckles, Pullover Boots and Disposable Shoe Covers

personal protective equipment
Fall Protection

Belts, Lanyards, Harnesses, Wrist Rescues and Safety Nets

Rain Wear

Raincoats, Slicker Suits and Disposable Slicker Suits

Disposable & Protective Clothing

Chemical Resistant, Haz Mat, Flame Resistant, Fire Retardant, Fire Entry Disposables(Tyrek, Polypro, Aprons, Leggings, Sleeves and Work Garments)

Respiratory Equipment

Respirators, Self-Contained Breathing Units (Air-Supplied, Air Purified, Pressure Demand), Disposable Respirators, Gas Masks, Canisters, Emergency Escape Units, Filters & Cartridges and Fit Testing Equipment

First Aid Equipment

Metal Bulk First Aid Kits, Unitized First Aid Kits, Eye Wash Stations, Portable Eye Wash Stations, Showers and Fountains





Air Monitoring Equipment, Burial Bags, Decontamination Equipment & Accessories, Duct Tape & Adhesives, Encapsulates & Surfactants, Filters, Glove Bags & Accessories, Insulation Identification Labels, Poly Film, Pressure Differential Filtration Units, Pressure Differential Recorders, Labels, Signs Barricade Tapes, Sorbents, Spill Response Kits, Spray Equipment, Vacuum Equipment, Water Filtration Equipment, and Wetting Agents




Miscellaneous Safety Equipment

safety storage equipment
Safety Storage & Material Handling

Safety Cans, Safety Storage Cabinets, Nets & Fencing and Fire Extinguishers

Fire Blanket & Welding Screens

Roll Goods, Blankets and Screens

Miscellaneous, Signs & Labels

Traffic Signs, Safety Signs, OSHA Required Signs, Warning Signs, Danger Signs, Traffic Vests, Barricade Tape, Flagging Tape, Reflective Tape, Traffic Vests, Coolers, Drink Mix and Solo Cups




Fire Extinguisher name brands

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